I want to become your next City Councillor.

I will work to ensure that Nelson’s success is inclusive for everyone, not just a few by advocating for an economically strong, socially vibrant and environmentally healthy community. The time is now to consider and plan for the Nelson we want to live in today, as well as the Nelson we wish for our children to inherit tomorrow.

As your next City Councillor, I will…

Work hard to help ensure a greater level of transparency between City Council and our community. Nelson is a remarkable place and we love our unique, rural lifestyle. We all deserve to feel included in the conversations and decisions that will shape our community for years to come.

I am committed to leveraging my experience to make an impactful difference in affordability, sustainability, and accessibility. By approaching these issues with a collaborative and inclusive mandate, we can ensure the continued prosperity of the Nelson we know and love. I am committed to making your voices heard on the decisions that impact you the most.

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